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UX-ray your store

Use Juo conversion optimization science to analyze your store for UX/CRO opportunities and get ready-to-implement improvement tactics.

Step 1. Enter your store URL1

1 right now Juo is available for Shopify stores only,
but we’re working on other platforms already

How it works

CRO doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive anymore.

Your store analysis

Juo uses AI, industry playbooks, and your users’ behavioral data to analyze your store and find out what works and what needs to be improved.

Add a featured testimonial to increase trust in your brand.

Users might not notice your CTA.
Change button color to grab their attention better.

Highlight New and Discounted products to help users make purchase decision.

Improvement ideas

A few times a month, you’ll get personalized ideas for improving your store conversions, click-through rates, and user experience.

Point-and-click changes

Drag and drop new sections, edit copy, replace images, all with a few clicks. No extra skills or dev support required.

Super-fast results

See which improvements drive user engagement and conversions in days. Improve faster than ever!

Why should you care?

You can get the upper hand over your competition. And much more.

You will save money

You spend more and more on ads for less profit. Juo helps you adjust your CRO startegy and cut overspending.

You will get more out of the traffic you have

Many visitors come to your store every day, but only a fraction actually buys. Why not try to convert them better?

You can do it yourself

No need for a dev team, CRO consultants, or designers. We give you the tool that makes improving conversions effortless.

Sounds too good to be true?

Our early adopters thought that too.

“Juo is perfect for testing out hypothesis about the crucial elements of the website like sections, headings and buttons.

What makes Juo stand out is the easy experiment setup and very fast results it gives you.”

Szymon Sosulski

Growth Product Manager


“Juo is exactly what we’ve been looking for. It makes it so easy to pinpoint exactly where our website is falling short and come up with ideas to improve the customer experience. With older tools like Google Analytics, we hadn’t been able to get this granular level of insight. We are already testing several improvements to our website thanks to Juo.”

Rachel Connors

Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

“I love that Juo can gain statistical significance so much faster than current CRO platforms.

It is also great to test 4, 6, or even 8 slightly different versions at the same time and get fast actionable results.”

Cory Bower

Founder, Director of Sales

Aviator Gear

Your favorite features

Here’s what makes Juo a great match for your store.

Data-backed CR improvements

See what parts of your page increase and hamper conversions and improve accordingly.

Easy to use visual editor

Making changes to your storefront has never been easier. No code, no extra skills needed, no problem!

Customer support that cares

We’ve got the knowledge, expertise and commitment to help your store reach its full potential.

Start-and-forget campaigns

Build an improvement campaign in minutes and go back to running your business. Juo will take care of the rest.

Zero impact on page speed and SEO

Blazing fast operation for seamless UX and store performance. You and your users won’t notice any delays.

Results in days

Find out how your improvements work up to 10x faster. Iterate and grow your business quicker.

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